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Front Page – Up to Speed Fast

Up to Speed Fast

Affordable, engaging, effective eLearning


We create customized eLearning solutions to help your people learn what they need to know to do their jobs better, faster, more successfully.

eLearning Production

We follow a structured, collaborative process to rapidly build eLearning that takes your learners from where they are to where you need them to be.

Our Approach

Our programs are lean-forward, engaging, interactive learning experiences that raise learners’ skills, knowledge, and confidence in their ability to perform at required levels.

Our Projects

Whaft We Do

To create affordable, high-quality eLearning programs, we identify what you expect an ideal job-holder to do versus what actual job holders do. We then follow-through by working closely with your subject-matter experts to create engaging, online programs that help your learners to get up to speed, fast!

What We Do

We have created instructional programs for corporations, universities, and governmental organizations. The programs range from 5-minute microlessons and on-demand orientations, to 30-minute eLearning modules, to semester-length courses for college credit.

Learn more…
Let Us Help You Train for Results

We help to make the people in your organization better, faster, more successful performers. We strive to deliver tangible results:

þ Improved quality of results on the job

þ Increased productivity

þ Increased sales

þ Increased customer satisfaction

þ Collapsed time to performance improvement

Our Goal

Our goal is to enable your learners to gain the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. We are serious about making sure that learners think, learn, and enjoy doing it. We have extensive experience in courseware design and delivery that enables us to create quality courses, fast.

Our Tools

We are eLearning software platform agnostic, with deep experience and superior skill sets in developing courseware using the latest Articulate, Trivantis, and Adobe eLearning platforms–as well as courses built from scratch using HTML5 & CSS3. 

What Can We Do For You?

eLearning Production

Some of our eLearning projects are short-term, with fast turn-around. Other projects are longer term—part of a comprehensive effort to get people who are located across the country, or even around the world, up to speed. 

A recent survey by the eLearning Guild concluded that:
    78% of organizations say they need faster development
    70% say they need to reduce costs of development

Up to Speed Fast! delivers on both those needs by implementing fast, cost-effective ways of designing and developing solutions that have a positive impact on employee performance.


Our eLearning takes your content to the next level and typically includes such things as challenging objective tests and scenario-based questions that confirm the learner’s ability to apply rules, concepts, and principles.

In addition, we can survey students to ensure there is a high correlation between high posttest scores, course favorability ratings, and learners’ confidence in their ability to apply what they have learned.

Course Conversions

Our professional developers and instructional designers can convert your existing, out-of-date eLearning and print/classroom-based training into dynamic, powerful, interactive eLearning. The eLearning modules we create for you can then be easily incorporated into your SCORM-compliant Learning Management System.

Blended Learning

Engaging, well-design eLearning may not be enough. Sometimes face-to-face instruction, mentoring, job shadowing, or field performance exercises are required before an individual can perform at the levels you desire.

This is where our years of experience can be of great value to you. Let us know what your ultimate goals are and we’ll help you devise a blended learning solution that gets your learners to where you want them to be.

eLearning Support

We can provide a wide range of support services to your training department to help fill in temporary gaps or speed-up processes for projects with critical deadlines. Support services include:

  • Front-end analysis of training needs
  • Instructional design, writing, and development
  • Audio and video production
  • Graphic design
  • Test design and development
In short, we can provide the support your training team needs to develop quality eLearning.  

Our Approach

We bring a highly collaborative approach to eLearning design and development that reflects an understanding of your learners, respect for your content, and a commitment to ensuring the eLearning achieves the goals you want it to. Our approach helps get eLearning ready for delivery, faster—which saves time and money.


We believe that great instruction doesn’t begin with learning objectives or even with knowing the desired end result. Great instruction begins with identifying the gap between what learners know and can do now versus what they need to know and be able to do.

Creating programs without identifying the gap risks wasting time and money training learners about things they already know or, worse, training them about things they don’t need to know or to do to succeed. We can help you to precisely define knowledge and performance gaps before we get started on program development.

Here is an overview of how we typically get a project done:

  1. We form a core team led by a senior instructional designer who conducts the design and development process and, like a film director, keeps the team focused on the vision of what the eLearning needs to look and feel like and, most importantly, what it needs to enable the learner to do.
  2. We use rapid eLearning authoring tools and avoid writing custom code unless the situation absolutely demands it. Writing custom code costs our client’s money and, in our opinion, typically takes too much to time to accomplish goals that can be achieved faster and just as effectively by less expensive means. Our online production and review tools help keep your SMEs involved throughout the design and development process.
  3. Our online project management tools keep everyone on our team and yours up to date and focused on the tasks at hand. One of our mottos is “no surprises” – for you or us. By using a modified SCRUM process along with team/sharing project management apps, we keep production on track, on time, and up to the quality level that we all expect.



Here are some of the things we can include in your online learning program:

  •  Your content presented in a dynamic, engaging eLearning
  •  Pro narration synchronized to text and motion graphics
  •  Objective tests and knowledge checks
  •  Challenging learning games
  •  Your corporate logo embedded in each eLearning module
  •  Job-aid attachments that learners can download
  •  Interactive video and 2D or 3D animations
  •  Cross-platform computer, tablet, and phone compatibility
  •  ADA section 508 compliance
  •  SCORM-compliant modules that work with your LMS
  • …and more

Some Examples of our Projects

Here are some examples of past projects. Access to interactive versions of these demos is available on request.

ID Buying Roles

In this project, we developed eLearning to help Roche Diagnostics, an international medical device manufacturer, get their US and Canadian salesforces up to speed on applying the company’s preferred sales methodology.


For this six-module eLearning project for the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses, we educated operating room healthcare professionals on the hazards of surgical smoke and what to do about it.

Funded by Medtronics, Inc..

Learning Game

To keep learners engaged, the learning needs to be interactive, useful, and, when possible, fun! This eLearning game, produced for AORN*, quizzes learners on their knowledge of hand hygiene when working in an ambulatory surgical care center.

* ©AORN, Inc., All Rights Reserved, posted with permission.

Video Vignettes

Many of our eLearning projects include writing and producing video vignettes with professional actors to illustrate interpersonal dynamics in a way that Just reading or telling cannot do.

In this project, we helped the worldwide employees of The McGraw-Hill Companies to get up to speed on understanding and effectively using the internet to communicate with customers. 

In this project, we developed eLearning to teach sales and marketing personnel at Gambro about the science and technology behind a new product line of advanced dialyzers.

In this project for TRACOM Corp, we developed training in the SOCIAL STYLE methodology, which is used by companies worldwide to increase their employees’ interpersonal effectiveness.

* ©TRACOM, Inc., All Rights Reserved, posted with permission. 

 In separate eLearning courses, we helped Roche Diagnostics ensure their marketing and sales personnel were up to speed on what they should and should not do to sell and market medical devices in compliance with Federal Regulations.

About Us

Up to Speed Fast! has a single mission: to help you get your people up-to-speed, fast! Our teams consist of an instructional designer/project managers and creative course development team members who work closely with your subject-matter experts and others on your staff. We complement your resources, not duplicate them. We utilize a staff of both full-time and contract professionals who are experts in their fields and selected based on their ability to support the project’s needs.

Our Clients

Our people have been privileged to partner with some of the best organizations in the public, private, and non-profit sectors. We have designed, written, and produced instruction video and eLearning programs for global corporations, public television stations, colleges, and universities, telecommunications companies, manufacturers, retailers, service firms, government agencies, the US Army, the US Air Force, and the media.

Clients our team members have served include:

Acura – American Bentley – American Protection Industries – Association of periOperative Registered Nurses – Avaya – Bogen – Buttonwood Industries – Cal Poly University, Pomona – CSU San Diego – Digital Education Systems – Gambro – Honda – Hybritech Corp. – Hyundai – Image Dynamics Infiniti – Isuzu – Jones International – Lear Siegler, Inc. – Lexus – Los Angeles County Schools – Lucent Technologies – MacLean Media – Mazda – Mercedes-Benz – Mitsubishi – Nation Public Radio – National Video Communications – Nissan – opXL/Charter Communications – opXL/Society of Cable Telecommunictions Engineers – Philips Healthcare – Reed Elsevier – Reed Business Information US, UK, NL – Roche Diagnostics – Sandoz – Saudi Arabia – Shiley Labs – Smith Tool – TeleTech – Toyota – TRACOM – Trainex (Baxter-Travenol) – U.S. Air Force – U.S. Army – Vastar (an Arco subsidiary) – Xerox (Electro-Optical Systems)

How We Spend Our Time

Every project is different. But, on average, here is how we spend our time developing customized eLearning.




ISD Insights

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It must “click” with your learners for them to advance their skills, knowledge, and attitudes.

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